Letters from the In-Between

December 13, 2020

That space in the middle of existence. Leaving one place, not quite to the destination.

The first time I remember feeling it was the summer before I started college. And then again in the weeks before my first child was born. And when my dad was in ICU after surgery. These mysterious places where life as it has been no longer exists. What life will look like is unknown. Not quite the person we were before, not sure what will be required of us to adapt to become the new version. We start anew when we become molten, flowing hot and fast until our shape begins to solidify again.

These pockets of in-between are illusions. Life itself is the grand space of the infinite in-between. As we see it, it is the space between life and death. But I imagine it is much more magnificent than that. We are energy that, according to the laws of physics, cannot cease to exist. We are in a continuous state of change. Not on a journey with a final destination, but in a constant state of becoming. Our level of consciousness and self-awareness may fluctuate, the particular culmination of atoms that create forms may alter, but we flow.

Painting by Paweł Czerwiński